2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


The 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo combines high-voltage performance from the company’s electrifying Taycan sedan and the style and practicality of a stationwagon, making it a clear choice for our Editors’ Choice award. There are three electric powertrains available for the long-roof model. These range from the entry-level 469hp S and 562-hp4S models to the more powerful 616hp Turbo S and 750-hp Turbo S versions. These models have blisteringly fast acceleration but even the weaker models have a peppy driving experience and can be driven like a sports car. Cross Turismos have ultra-fast charging capabilities. We expect them to travel more than 220 miles per full charge. The cabin is similar to the sedan’s high-class interior, but the wagon offers more space for passengers and cargo. The 2021 Taycan Cross Turismo has more ground clearance than the sedan and an exclusive Off-Road Design package. It offers a distinctive aesthetic and more varied capabilities than the sedan.

What’s new for 2021?

For the 2021 model year, Porsche introduces Cross Turismo, a Taycan stationwagon, called Cross Turismo. The wagon version is the exact same car, but with unique body panels and a longer roof. It also has more interior and cargo space. The Cross Turismo, however, is not available with the sedan’s all-wheel drive or the Taycan’s larger battery pack. You can also get an Off-Road Design package which adds wheels and other visual enhancements to the vehicle.

Pricing and Which One To Buy

Cross Turismo’s lineup is similar to the regular Taycan except there’s no rear wheel-drive model, and the wagon prices are slightly higher than the sedan. We recommend the Cross Turismo 4S model with a 562-hp engine. It comes standard with an all-wheel drive system and adjustable air suspension. The Taycan with long roof is on sale now and comes with three years of Electrify America free charging.

Performance, Transmission and Engine

The Taycan Cross Turismo is powered exclusively by electricity. It shares a chassis with its sedan counterpart. The wagon can only be ordered with all-wheel drive. Two electric motors provide power, with outputs that vary depending on the trim level between 469 to 750 horses. The Taycan’s two-speed rear axle transmission is a unique feature. It helped the Taycan Turbo S accelerate to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds. This makes it one of our fastest cars. The Taycan’s consistent performance is also a big advantage over other EVs that get slower with decreasing battery life. The 469-hp Taycan Cross Turismo 4’s first drive showed its quick acceleration, agile handling and reassuring brakes.

Range, Charging, Battery Life

We predicted that the Taycan Cross Turismo would have a driving distance of more than 300 miles when it was first revealed. The EPA did not release the range ratings for the Taycan sedan. It is now listed at 227 miles with its larger 83.7-kWh battery. This is the same as every wagon. The Turbo S sedan was tested on our 75-mph highway route. We also tested the 4S version. Both proved to be more efficient than the government ratings. The Cross Turismo sedan will share an 800-volt architecture. We expect that the wagon will have a similar all-electric range to the sedan and be able to charge its battery in as little time as 22.5 minutes.

Fuel Economy and Real World MPG

We haven’t yet seen the official MPGe rating of the Taycan Cross Turismo, but we estimate it will be 76 combined. We will be able to evaluate the real-world MPGe once we have it running on our 75-mph fuel economy route.

Interior, Comfort, & Cargo

There are some hints of Porsche’s sports car history in the electric sedan, including a start button on left side of the steering column. However, there are also modern high-tech elements like a digital gauge cluster. The Taycan Cross Turismo offers a wide range of luxury features and a variety of customization options. The wagon can be configured in either a four-seat or five-seat configuration, with the latter adding a small middle seat in the rear row. The Cross Turismo has slightly more headroom than the sedan due to its standard panoramic sunroof and higher roofline. The wagon has more cargo space in the rear than its sedan sibling, and the Taycan’s trunk front.

Connectivity and Infotainment

Interior tech on the Taycan is for the long-roof model. This includes a curved digital gauge cluster and a 10.3-inch touchscreen located in the middle. A vertically mounted 8.4 inch touchscreen is integrated into the center console. Porsche offers a 10.3 inch passenger-side touchscreen, as well as other desirable features such as Apple CarPlay compatibility and built-in navigation.

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